The New York Times

"A musical raunch-fest that's rattling windows on the Lower East Side!"

"Kevin Smith Kirkwood is hilarious!"

"One spectacular song, 'Wax On, Wax Off,' deserves to become a dance craze."

"The whole cast is comprised of talented singers and dancers!"

"Jennifer L. Mudge has choreographed some fun numbers that the skilled company pulls off, particularly Nicole Lewis, as one of the Bitchkicks, Johnny's entourage."

"Sarah Hubbard makes a very spirited Ali Mills, and Kevin Smith Kirkwood (also the musical director) clearly relishes every second onstage."

"James LaRosa also livens up the stage in his spare scenes as friend Freddy Fernandez, and his uncanny resemblance to Bruce Springsteen adds to the nostalgia."

"The cast's MVP is Jennifer Byrne. As ridiculously decadent as Lucille is, she plays it to the hilt. Byrne steals every scene with an excellent voice best put to use in the second-act number 'Unsavory Things.'"

"Tremendous singing and dancing! Definitely bring your friends and get thee to the dojo!"

"The cast as a whole is very strong -- great voices, good acting."

"Andrew Rannells as the posturing, Vanilla Ice-swaggering Johnny, steals just about every scene he's in."

"Kevin Smith Kirkwood as Mr. Miyagi moves fluidly between standoffish Asian mentor and feisty queen with attitude, and his dance moves are practically acrobatic."

"And then there are the songs. Mercy. The lyrics to the songs are epic. I wanted to rewind and replay after laughing over so many. If the It's Karate, Kid! CD comes out, I want it!"

"This is a very funny, very entertaining, very lewd show!"

New York Press

"Directed by Jake Hirzel, the well-choreographed cast sings and dances with confidence."

"It's amazing that all involved in the production have chosen to work with this insanity... but they have chosen well!"

"The standouts of the evening are the shockingly talented cast. They can ALL rock a song, slam out a dance, and serve up a tautly acted scene. Extra special mentions go to Matthew Simpkins as the ever-energetic constantly tossed-around Daniel-San, and Sarah Hubbard as the sparky, oblivious Ali."